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Global Climate Change Digest (1988-1999).  The Global Climate Change Digest was an interdisciplinary guide to general and technical information related to climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion. It was published monthly by the Center for Environmental Information, Inc (CEI, in Rochester, NY) a private, nonprofit organization.

Consequences (1995-1999).  Consequences was a magazine produced and distributed as a public service, to provide reliable assessments of practical concerns related to the national and international consequences of changes in the global environment. Funding was provided by NOAA, NASA and NSF.


Global Change Research Act of 1990. [finish]

Ask Dr. Global Change

Compendium of Global Change Information

U.S. Country Studies Program (1992-2000).  Through the U.S. Country Studies Program, the U.S. Government provided technical and financial support to 56 developing countries and countries with economies in transition to assist them in conducting climate change studies. The studies enabled these countries to develop inventories of their anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases, assess their vulnerabilities to climate change, and evaluate response strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change. Select online publications:

Climate Change Impacts on the United StatesThe Potential Consequences of 
Climate Variability and Change




Great Lakes

Metro East



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United States Initiative on Joint Implementation (USIJI) (1993-2000).  Information about the USIJI, is a pilot program encouraging organizations in the United States and other countries to form partnerships to implement projects that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development. 


Environmental Education and Outreach.???

GCRIO Bibliographic Database (1984-1996).- A Complete Listing with Author and Start Date.


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